Twitter / SophieCo_RT: 'Israel bogging peace talks

'Israel bogging peace talks down to buy time for more settlements' - #Palestine FM Riyad al-Maliki

‘Murderers of Palestinians are decorated as heroes by Israeli govt’ – Palestine FM ― RT SophieCo

SS: What are the main obstacles that remain at this point in the negotiations?

RA: The main obstacles are very clear: Israel is not seriously interested in the negotiations; they are using the negotiations as a means to maintain the status quo, to build more settlements, and to put the blame on the Palestinians. When they try to divert the negotiations from the original final status issues into newly presented issues like the “Jewish nature of the state of Israel,” like “security arrangements on the Jordan valley” – these are not issues of the final status that we have agreed to discuss since Oslo until today. So it’s very clear that introducing new topics in the last minute is a reflection of Israeli intentions to divert attention, to bring a problematic issue on the table in order for the negotiations to reach total deadlock.

SS: Mr. Abbas also said that if the negotiations fail, Palestine would revert to other options. What are the “other options?”

RA: Well, we don’t have that many “other options.” We have only one option – if the negotiations really fail, then of course we have to go either to an international conference - and we have been talking for so many years about the international conference in Moscow as a continuation of international collective efforts to bring about a solution to the conflict - or we will go back to the UN, seeking membership to all specialized agencies, applying to sign protocols and conventions, and seeking full membership in the UN.

SS: Will Palestine accept Jerusalem as a joint capital for both states?

RA: We are accepting Jerusalem to be an open city, West Jerusalem as capital of Israel and East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and that people can move freely from East to West, from West to East without any problem, respecting religious freedom for all religions – and this is really how Jerusalem should look like.

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