‘Kansas anti-gay bill openly legalizes discrimination’ ― RT Op-Edge

An anti-gay bill passed by the Kansas House of Reps last week would basically legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians. While Russia’s law is ‘preventative’, this one is quite ‘aggressive’, says expert on international law Alexander Mercouris.

The Republican-controlled Kansas House voted 72-49 on Wednesday to approve the bill that gives legal protection to businesses and individuals that refuse service to same-sex couples and individuals for religious reasons.

Can I just say something about the Russian law? It’s very widely misunderstood – it is a law that regulates information that is provided mainly in the mass media which might be harmful to their development, and which might encourage them to develop non-traditional sexual orientation or relationships. It’s nothing like as explicit as these American laws are and certainly bears little comparison to the one proposed in Kansas. The one in Kansas permits an activity that is universally considered discriminatory and illegal. The one in Russia prevents information which the lawmakers there think might be harmful to children. The American law is aggressive, the Russian law is preventative. They’re very different. And the American law is much more serious.