Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Massive Rise In Sale Of British Arms To Russia

The British Government has been accused of double standards over arms sales to Russia, after it emerged the UK is continuing to export tens of millions of pounds worth of military equipment to the country, despite concerns Moscow is arming separatist rebels in Ukraine.

The Commons Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) said that officials have approved a massive increase in weaponry to be sold to Russia with 251 export licences for the sale goods worth at least £132 million remaining in force.

Embarrassingly, the disclosure comes after Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday strongly criticised European countries such as France, which continue to pursue defence sales to Russia despite Moscow's backing for the separatists.

France’s foreign minister yesterday let slip his irritation with the prime minister over his comments, saying that it would have been “unthinkable” for Britain to have done such a deal when the West has strong misgivings about Moscow’s role in the downing of flight MH17.

“Dear British friends, let’s talk about finance,” he said. “I was led to believe that there were quite a few Russian oligarchs in London.”

Asked whether he was inviting the UK to put their own house in order before making comments, Mr Fabius replied: “Exactly.”