Twitter / WhiteHouse: Today, President Obama signed

Today, President Obama signed the cellphone unlocking bill into law in the Oval Office:

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オバマ大統領の署名用ペンにまつわる超個人的トリビア: iPadとオンラインレッスンで挑戦!40からのやり直し英会話

Barack Obama uses many pens to sign his bill. For example : the stimulus bill. Why does he not use just one pen??
It is common for Presidents to use more than one pen to sign bills, so that they can give away the pens later as an honorable piece of history. It is usually given to people who greatly influenced the legislation.

なんでもクロス社の「Townsend black lacquer rolling ball pen」をベースにした特注品だそうです。 Nicholas T. Becker's review of Cross Townsend, Tango Black Lacquer and En

I bought this for a teacher friend's birthday, so my review is second hand. He tells me it practically changed his life as far as writing things down is concerned. He didn't think a pen could be this comfortable to write with, and apparently when letting others try it they are equally as shocked at how smooth it writes and how natural the weight balance is. jim werner's review of Cross Townsend, Black Lacquer, Selectip Ro

I bought cross townsend in the past and they have been made in the USA. This pen was made in china and does not meet past
quality. I will never purchase a cross product again. This pen looks and feels cheap. IT is a poor excuse for a quality pen.

飽きのこないボールペン「定番の10本」 日経トレンディネット


オート リバティ 水性ボールペンリバティ /ブラック 142.5MM 33.6G CB-10GLブラック

オート リバティ 水性ボールペンリバティ /ブラック 142.5MM 33.6G CB-10GLブラック

ささろぐ BLACK RX: ペリカン R215ブルーラッカー