Michael McFaul

Michael McFaul: Putin Escalating Conflict Off the Battlefield As Well

McFaul sees an easy end to Ukraine conflict -

A former American ambassador to Russia says the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can be solved easily, but an agreement hinges on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s willingness to negotiate.

McFaul said the solution is for Ukraine to create a more decentralized government in the eastern part of the country and to accept the Russian language in an official capacity in the region.

“I think the government in Kiev would be willing to negotiate along those lines,” said McFaul, who served as ambassador from 2012 to 2014. “A deal is ready to be made, but Putin isn’t ready to negotiate.”

Putin believes he can use military force to get everything he wants in Ukraine, McFaul said, adding that Europe and the United States must persuade him that military force won't work.