McCain Will Push For Ground Troops In Iraq, Syria If GOP Wins The Senate

If Republicans gain the Senate majority in November, President Barack Obama could face pressure from Congress to send ground troops into Iraq and Syria.

"Frankly, I know of no military expert who believes we are going to defeat ISIS with this present strategy," Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said at a Pacific Council on International Policy conference on Saturday.

"We may be able to 'contain,' but to actually defeat ISIS is going to require more boots on the ground, more vigorous strikes, more special forces, further arming the Kurdish peshmerga forces and creating a no-fly zone and buffer zone in Syria," said McCain, who will, due to seniority, become chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee in January if the GOP takes the Senate next month.

McCain also said the U.S. needs to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in order to defeat the Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL.