Charlie-divided? Poll shows over 40% of French oppose Mohammed cartoons ― RT News

While 5 million copies of Charlie Hebdo went like hot cakes, almost half of the French population do not support publishing the Prophet Mohammed cartoons, a new poll revealed.

Forty-two percent of respondents see Mohammed cartoons as offensive and fifty percent say they back "limitations on free speech online and on social networks," according to an Ifop poll, the results of which were published by Le Journal du Dimanche, a French weekly newspaper.

However 57 percent supported the publication of Mohammed caricatures, thus stepping in “for freedom of expression,” according to the survey.

The poll showed, that the majority of the French – about 81 percent - said they welcome the idea of stripping nationality from those with dual citizenship who committed terror act on French soil.

Sixty eight percent also supported banishing the country’s citizens from returning to France if "they are suspected of having gone to fight in countries or regions controlled by terrorist groups" such as Syria or Iraq.

When asked if they favor sending French military into Libya, Syria and Yemen, 57 percent answered “No”.