Negotiating with #terrorists means establishing human contact, not political - veteran negotiator Giandomenico Picco

Veteran UN negotiator: World body outdated, hasn’t solved a single conflict since 1992 ― RT SophieCo

In the 21st century, terrorism has become the new reality. What has for a long time been seen as something going on far, far away, has now knocked at the doors of everyone in the world. No country in the Americas, Europe or Asia, or any other corner of the world is safe. Hostage situations and terrorist attacks are everyday occurrences on the news. Powerful terrorist groups even compete for the amount of horror they create in the world. Is there a place now for diplomacy? Could negotiations save lives? And what does it mean to be a negotiator in the heart of conflict? We ask these questions to a veteran UN negotiator and former UN Assistant Secretary-General. Giandomenico Picco is on Sophie&Co today.