Greater military potential guarantees a calm life - Putin ― RT Russian politics

“Building the military, strengthening of the defense potential will continue in a gradual and system way. We all understand very well that this a major factor in Russia’s stable and sovereign development and an insurance for the calm and peaceful life of millions of our citizens,” RIA Novosti quoted Putin as saying.

At the same event Putin reiterated Russia’s opposition to meddling with other nations’ internal affairs and blamed such actions for the major problems that had recently appeared in the international politics.

“We are against interfering with home affairs of sovereign countries against instigation of military conflicts. When such politics was exercised towards a number of countries in North Africa and Middle East it resulted in an outburst of terrorism there. Near our borders it caused a bloody drama [for] our neighbors, the Ukraine,” he said.

“Today we can see that some nations are changing their policy in the direction of unlimited preemptive actions of offensive nature. As a result, the conflict potential is increasing in the regions that are of strategic significance for Russia. The threats emerge that we cannot ignore,” Putin noted. He added that the increase of the Russian defense potential would be executed primarily through perfecting the structure of the forces and through better cooperation with other countries that seek peace, stability and development.