American leadership should be like Putin - Iraq War veteran ― RT SophieCo

Scott Taylor, former U.S. Navy SEAL, Iraq war veteran, author and Virginia lawmaker

SS: Scott, you also said that U.S. is in need of leaders who would shape foreign policy based on what the world really is – not what it hypothetically looks like. Are you saying U.S. foreign policy today isn’t realistic?

ST: I’m saying that we absolutely need a shift in how we look at foreign policy. I do believe that our leaders, just like Vladimir Putin, I think he’s a realist, I think that he deals with the way that the world is as opposed to how he would wish it to be – I think we do need leadership that does that, and I’m hopeful that we will have a change in our foreign policy, that reflects how the world actually is now, not how we simply hope it would be.

SS: So, in your view, the current Administration is failing leadership-wise, foreign policy-wise, but 2016 is around the corner – who would you rather see in the White House, who has the leadership required?

ST: That’s a good question. There are several people that are impressing me, I think that they will come on the forefront, of course, of the Republican field – full disclosure, I am a Republican, right, so we have a lot of folks with good, different ideas, that are in the field – I think that field will narrow down a little bit, we will have some people that will step to the forefront… but there are several folks that I like out there and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them, certainly on foreign policy and national security, and leading America from the front, not from behind…

SS: So who do you like from the Republican front?

ST: I am not sure yet. I haven’t made my decision yet. There are several folks, Rubio is great guy, Scott Walker is a great guy, there’s numerous candidates out there.

SS: What about Jeb Bush?

ST: I like Jeb Bush, I think he’s got good ideas, and I think he’s a smart guy, but…I am an American, and we have sort of hesitancy about dynasties, and I think, whether that’s Clinton or Bush, I think the country’s ready for something different.