Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Kiev Government Imposed by Obama | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

On December 23rd, Gallup headlines “Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership,” and reports that “nearly nine in 10 Ukrainians (88%) say corruption is widespread in their government, and about eight in 10 (81%) see the same widespread problem in their country’s businesses.” 8% of Ukrainians now say they “have confidence … about the national government.” 17% approve of the job-performance of their President, Petro Poroshenko. While the pre-coup President, Viktor Yanukovych, was in office, 2010-2014, that figure had been averaging about 23%, and was never as low as Poroshenko’s is now.

ギャラップ: ウクライナ国民は、オバマが押しつけたキエフ政権を嫌悪している: マスコミに載らない海外記事