ロシアのサンクトペテルブルクで16日、国際経済フォーラムが始まり、開会式には、国連のパン・ギムン(潘基文) 事務総長やEUのユンケル委員長などが出席しました。



World Bank, IMF cling to past, resist change of global power balance – BRICS bank chief RT — SophieCo

Russia’s top economic forum opens in St. Petersburg, with political and business leaders coming to find new opportunities. Among them, the New Development Bank, once conceived by BRICS nations in an effort to provide an alternative to the monopoly of the Bretton Woods banking system. But can it really become a game changer? And how do emerging powerhouses plan to create a viable alternative to the mighty ones in the financial world? We ask the president of the New Development Bank himself: K. V. Kamath is our guest today.