The two-headed snake, known as Republicans and Democrats, have been bamboozling Americans for a very, very long time.

Both parties are for more warfare and more welfare. Both are for the expansion of state power and destruction of liberty.

Both switch positions whenever conditions dictate. In other words, Democrats are usually antiwar when out of power, but pro-war when in power. Republicans are for limited government when out of power, but for massive government when in power.

The beauty is that their supporters always accept the switch. There were anti-war rallies when W. was president, but total silence when Obama bombed 7 nations.

There were 68 votes for the abolition of Obamacare when it was certain to be vetoed, but now with Republicans controlling Congress and the Presidency, the monster stays!

This is a nefarious system for the destruction of freedom. It's voted for and accepted every step of the way. Every ratchet up in state power is met with complete silence.