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グロース氏:中銀が世界の資産リスクを引き上げている - Bloomberg




Pimco's Bill Gross: Fed will keep rates low until at least 2016

"Our primary thrust has been to focus on what we are most (although not totally) confident about, that the Fed will hold policy rates stable until 2016 or beyond,"

"Investors are all playing the same dangerous game that depends on a near perpetual policy of cheap financing and artificially low interest rates in a desperate gamble to promote growth,"

"Aside from a financial nuclear bomb à la Lehman Brothers, our actual scenario is likely to play out more gradually as private markets realize that the policy Kings/Queens have no clothes and as investors gradually vacate historical asset classes in recognition of insufficient returns relative to increasing risk,"

"Front-end Treasury, corporate and mortgage positions should provide low but attractively defensive returns,"

"We have positioned our bond wars portfolio―heavily front-end maturity loaded along with credit, volatility and curve steepening positions, with the aim of outperforming Vanguard as well as many other active managers."