Twitter / SophieCo_RT: ‘Overambitious EU policies

‘Overambitious EU policies sparked Ukraine crisis’ - @BillCashMP shedding light on Ukraine’s EU aspirations

Twitter / JuveVovan: @SophieCo_RT Hello, Dear Sophie!

@SophieCo_RT Hello, Dear Sophie! You are on the side of Russia or the West side?

Twitter / SophieCo_RT: @JuveVovan I'm on the side

I'm on the side of sanity and mutual respect

Twitter / JuveVovan: @SophieCo_RT Excellent! So

@SophieCo_RT Excellent! So it should be with sensible and decent people! All the best & good luck! Sorry for the English, autotranslator!

'Britain’s being relegated to lowest tier in EU’ - UK MP Bill Cash ― RT SophieCo
Twitter / BillCashMP: We do not have to be enthusiastic

We do not have to be enthusiastic advocates of Putin’s policies to recognise that this Ukrainian crisis was avoidable