‘Propaganda bullhorn’: John Kerry attacks RT during Ukraine address ― RT News

John Kerry has attacked RT for its coverage of the Ukraine crisis, calling it a “propaganda bullhorn.” Neglecting to address the US’ role in the conflict or back up his assertions with any evidence, Kerry said Russia was behind the unrest in Ukraine.

‘Mr. Kerry, let’s talk about Fox News, BBC and Al-Jazeera bullhorns’ ― RT Op-Edge

This is information war, Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar told RT, commenting on John Kerry’s attack against RT. If you have an alternative script like RT you are banned, because they are afraid, he added.

Twitter / SophieCo_RT: John #Kerry: RT spends full

John #Kerry: RT spends full time 'propagandizing and distorting what is happening, or not, in #Ukraine'. Ever heard of press freedom?

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@SophieCo_RT @cnnbrk @JohnKerry @cnni @CBSEveningNews @mfa_russia - CHECK CNN and USA channels!! They are FULL OF PROPAGANDA!! JUST B S!!

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@SophieCo_RT John Kerry is a FOOL & proving to be plain STUPID! How do ordinary Americans allow such twots to represent them? Big up to you!

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@SophieCo_RT Kerry changed after that face-lift, they must have implanted some control chip in his head. Now he is ugly and stupid.

‘State Dept aspires to be news agency packaging propaganda messages’ ― RT Op-Edge

The US State Department itself is becoming a news organization, packaging propaganda messages into an easily consumable format, and accusing others of propaganda is at the very least hypocritical, media critic Danny Schechter told RT.