NATO Chief Warns of Duplicity by Putin on Ukraine -

The secretary general of the NATO alliance warned on Tuesday that Russia was playing a “double game” in Ukraine, issuing conciliatory public statements while massing its forces along the border and smuggling arms and equipment to separatists inside eastern Ukraine.

“There’s no doubt that Russia is heavily engaged in destabilizing eastern Ukraine, and they continue their activities,” said the secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in an interview shortly after meeting with President Obama at the White House.

“Don’t make any mistake, it’s pure tactics,” Mr. Rasmussen said. “He keeps open the option to intervene if necessary.

Russia, Mr. Rasmussen said, was waging what he called “hybrid warfare,” a combination of military action, covert operations and an aggressive program of disinformation ― all calculated to weaken Ukraine’s new government and leave its eastern part under Russian influence.

While Mr. Rasmussen said he did not want to speculate about Mr. Putin’s immediate plans in Ukraine, he said the most likely situation was a continuation of the Russian strategy to undermine the country’s government.

“I wouldn’t exclude that he keeps open the option to intervene further at a later stage,” he said. “But my guess is that at this stage, he feels that he has achieved a lot through the destabilization of eastern Ukraine.”プーチン大統領は過去数週間、国境付近に集結させていた兵士の大半を撤退させ、ウクライナでの武力行使を認める決議を撤回するよう議会に求めたほか、西側との外交努力を続けている。) don’t have any hidden agenda. We want Ukraine to be a peaceful, stable and friendly nation. We absolutely respect its right to engage in cooperation with Russia, Europe, America and whoever they want. We may achieve a lot if we use this approach.)