Twitter / politico: Rep. Peter King compared Russian

Rep. Peter King compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to a "Mafia guy." | Photo: Getty

Twitter / NewDay: “The sanctions have not been

“The sanctions have not been broad enough or deep enough or harsh enough,” says fmr. U.S. amb. to Ukraine on #Russia

Twitter / NewDay: "#Putin has lost his plausible

"#Putin has lost his plausible deniability that 'we’re just not involved in eastern #Ukraine.'" -@RepMikeRogers #MH17

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: .@RepEliotEngel says the downing

.@RepEliotEngel says the downing of #MH17 was an "act of terror." He joins @ErinBurnett #OutFront. @CNN

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: "It's certainly Russian

"It's certainly Russian complicity. The question is what do we do about it." - @RepEliotEngel on #MH17. #OutFront

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: "We are talking about economic

"We are talking about economic sanctions that can hurt the Russian economy," @RepEliotEngel on #MH17.