MH17 tragedy: Beating drums for war in Ukraine ― RT Op-Edge

Let’s start with how all US media refer to the Kiev revolutionary government as the legitimate government of Ukraine. By that logic, if Tea Party-affiliated white supremacist militias based in Wisconsin and Idaho staged a rebellion that forced Barack Obama to take refuge in Canada, shut down the US government, and then those militias declared Chicago our new capital, everything would be fine.

The current Kiev government was the result of a coup by fascist-linked goons with heavy-hitter support in conservative Washington think tanks left over from the Cold War. Those Ukrainian interests had enough political clout in past decades to shut down investigations of Ukrainian war criminal collaborators with the Nazis from WWII.

So now, after Crimea was carved away from Ukraine and most of the rest of the Russian ethnics boycotted the Kiev ‘election’, surprise, surprise, the Kiev government ‘won’. I’m sorry. That’s not legitimacy. That’s a coup and a stacked deck.

Then let’s look at why Russia got so upset. The trigger was a push by the USA to bring Ukraine into NATO. Note that Sweden was front and center on that – the same government that presided over the persecution of WikiLeaksfounder Julian Assange by suspect legal shenanigans.

It was that push to bring Ukraine into NATO, together with USA support for a revolutionary army that brought down the elected government of Ukraine which alarmed Moscow. It alarmed Moscow the way a push by Russia to bring Mexico, Texas, Alaska or California into a pan-Pacific alliance composed mostly of Russian troops might concern Washington. If that happened it would further the mission of military opposition to the USA. And keep in mind that Russia has been invaded repeatedly by Europe. Europe is peaceful now, but history shows that it can turn rapidly militaristic.

Does Russia have a right to protect itself? Does the USA? Our hands are not exactly clean in Central and South America, are they? We speak as if we are on the high ground. But are we really?

Now let’s look to the motivations of the people US media are calling ‘Russian separatists’. Why would ethnic Russians take up arms and fight against the Kiev revolutionary government? That’s obvious. They are scared. They don’t want to be attacked, beaten, denied work, killed by police, and all the rest of the oppression that would almost certainly be visited on them by Kiev’s vengeful militias behind the throne.