US beginning to understand need for military cooperation with Russia in Syria – Lavrov — RT News

The US has finally begun to understand that it needs to cooperate with Russia militarily if a solution to the crisis in Syria is to be found, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

For the hostilities in Syria to finally come to an end, “there is a need for quick response mechanisms and cooperation between servicemen ‘on the ground’ – both on humanitarian issues and matters regarding a ceasefire,” Lavrov said.

“Unfortunately, the US has shied away from military cooperation [with Russia], with the exception of deconfliction issues. Now, I believe they understand that in order to move forward in resolving the Syrian crisis military contacts can no longer be avoided,” he added.

The FM urged the members of the International Syrian Support Group (ISSG) – which comprises the US, Russia, and the United Nations – to fulfill the agreements reached in Munich on Thursday.

“Now, it is vital to implement what has been agreed. Sometimes we reach some agreements but our partners, as a matter of fact, are not very much willing to implement them,” he said.

“I hope this time the situation will be different,” Lavrov added.

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Assad says sees risk of Turkey, Saudi Arabia invading Syria — RT News

Syrian President Bashar Assad admits Turkey and Saudi Arabia could soon send troops into the country, but remains confident that he can retake the war-torn nation. The statement comes as Riyadh has reiterated its goal of ousting the leader from office.

In an exclusive interview with AFP, Assad said he saw a risk that Turkey and Saudi Arabia – key backers of the opposition – could send their soldiers into the fray in Syria.

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