US President Donald Trump is hoping the strong economy will help him to win reelection a year from now.

Trump has already begun campaigning for the November 2020 election and is holding weekly rallies across the United States.

Trump is insisting that voters should not believe what the Democratic Party and media reports are saying about him. He plans to use the current strength of the US economy as leverage to call for further tax cuts.
Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren are among the leading contenders in the Democratic Party's nomination race. The party will start holding caucuses and primaries in February next year.

The party hopes to regain power by attracting voters who are critical of Trump. Democrats in the House of Representatives have approved legislation to proceed with an impeachment inquiry. Investigators are focusing on whether Trump pressured Ukraine into helping his reelection campaign. Trump denies the allegation.

The Democrats plan to seek testimony from former presidential advisor John Bolton, who was dismissed in September.