God is not outside of you, but inside of you.
The important thing is to see your own nature throughly.

So the big question before us now is, "To what kind of people does God give Himself? This is the question.

Once there is a person who is wise and intelligent and who is well aware of his nature, the heavens will surely command him to become the sovereign of a billion trillion, to rule over him, to teach him, and to restore him to his nature.

However, we are gradually becoming separated from human beings in the heavens and the earth (which is also a great creative differentiation), and we tend to be attached to ourselves and truly disobedient. For this reason, our innate nature has been damaged and we have fallen into a state of uncertainty.
This is where all sorts of evil prevails.

Only the highest sincerity under the heavens is able to devote itself to nature.

the essence of the universe is creation, and human beings must be based on creation, nurture, progress and development.