Questions on Ukraine the West chooses not to answer ― RT News

Ukrainian and Western refusal to answer Moscow’s hard questions explains Russia’s tough stance on the crisis in Kiev.

Ignoring Russian concerns is a western habit adopted after the Soviet Union’s collapse; when NATO bombed Yugoslavia; during the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, and the US push to install an anti-missile shield over Europe that can target Russia.

It also happened recently when western diplomats flocked to Ukraine to smile and wave and lobby their interests in a future Ukrainian government, while accusing Russia of meddling in Ukrainian affairs.

But it seems that in Ukraine lies Russia’s red line and Moscow no longer takes “don’t know, don’t care” for an answer.

1. Why did the opposition oust Yanukovich after he conceded to their demands?

2. Why is the coup-appointed govt replacing oligarchs linked to Yanukovich with... oligarchs?

3. Why did the post-coup Parliament strip Russian language of its regional status?

4. Why did Kiev attack the Constitutional court?

5. Why would the West support the coup in Ukraine?