Ten things we've learnt from the European elections ― RT Op-Edge

Lesson #1: Left parties need to be radical and populist.

Lesson #2: Russophobia is certainly no vote winner.

Lesson #3: UKIP will pose a major threat to the traditional leading parties in next year's UK's general election.

Lesson #4: Europe's Liberal Parties are in crisis.

Lesson #5: Establishment media is nowhere near as powerful or influential as it once was.

Lesson #6: Mind the democratic deficit - it really is massive.

Lesson #7: Austerity isn't working.

Lesson #8: Labeling populist, anti-immigration, right-wing parties 'racist' won't stop their rise.

Lesson #9: The Greens are still a political force.

Lesson #10: In an age of bland, robotic, identikit politicians who are always 'on message', being charismatic and outspoken is a huge vote winner.