Moscow and Kiev have same approach to resolve Ukraine crisis - Lukashenko ― RT News

Both Moscow and Kiev have similar thoughts on the resolution of the Ukraine crisis, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko revealed in an interview with Russian media following the talks between Russian and Ukraine authorities in Minsk.

On August 26, Presidents Putin and Poroshenko shook hands in Kiev paving way for the contact group on the crisis in Ukraine to start work. On Friday, the Belarusian capital saw the two sides sign a breakthrough ceasefire protocol.

“I was listening to Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] and Poroshenko. Russians speak about federalization. [Ukrainians] speak about decentralization,” Lukashenko told the Russian channel Vesti on Saturday. “There is no difference! The entire issue now is to stop the slaughter.”

Poroshenko thanked Lukashenko for his active role in the work on the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine in a personal call on Saturday, adding that the ceasefire protocol signed in Minsk “will lay the groundwork for further progress in the peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine.”