Paris attacks brought European countries to account over policies – Assad ― RT News

However, Assad reminded that Syria has been addressing the West and “talking about these repercussions” since the conflict in Syria began in 2011.

“We have been saying, you shouldn’t support terrorism and provide it with a political umbrella, because this will reflect on your countries and your people. They didn’t listen to us,” Assad said.

He accused European policies of being responsible for the crisis in Syria and said that the Paris attacks “brought European policies to account, because they are responsible for what happened in our region, for what happened in France, and maybe what happened earlier in other European countries.”

Assad urged western nations to fight terrorism with “good policies” and share intelligence.

“We should fight ignorance with culture and education, should build a good economy to fight poverty, and there should be an exchange of information among the countries concerned with fighting terrorism,” he said.