ウクライナ情勢 米ロが激しい非難の応酬 NHKニュース


Split or solidarity? Crisis in E. Ukraine tops Munich Security Conference agenda ― RT News

The spiralling conflict in eastern Ukraine is in the spotlight at the Munich Security Conference with a rift opening between the US and Europe. Washington is considering supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine, while European nations are opposing the move.

Among the most anticipated speakers on Saturday, considered the most crucial day in the conference, are Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US Vice President Joe Biden.

The event comes in the wake of the much anticipated and secretive talks between the leaders of France, Germany and Russia, which were held behind closed doors in the Kremlin late on Friday.

Lavrov: US escalated Ukraine crisis at every stage, blamed Russia ― RT News

Sergey Lavrov has lashed out at the US for their double standards over Ukraine and taking steps that “only promoted further aggravation” of the conflict. He added Russia is ready to guarantee agreements between Kiev and the self-proclaimed republics.

Munich Security Conference LIVE UPDATES ― RT News

World leaders have gathered to discuss the key challenges in international security policy at the annual Munich Security Conference, which began on Friday. The on-going conflict in Ukraine is top of the agenda.

Munich conference: From 'transatlantic family meeting' to Russia opposing NATO expansion ― RT News

The Munich Security Conference was once a "transatlantic family meeting" for NATO member states only. When the Cold War ended, new key players, Russia among them, joined the discussions, to have their say on global security threats and challenges.