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#DemDebate candidates get started in Nevada. Follow first Democratic showdown live here:

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.@HillaryClinton defends position changes: "I have a range of views but they are rooted in my values & experience."

Poppy Harlow

Are you watching??? #DemDebate only on @CNN!


.@BernieSanders explains Democratic Socialism #DemDebate


.@HillaryClinton to @BernieSanders We are not Denmark #DemDebate

Michael McFaul

I used to teach difference between capitalism vs. socialism ... 25 years ago. #DemDebate


Anderson Cooper leads by attacking each candidate at their weakest points. And pushes back when he doesn't get what he wants. #CNNDebate

Lynda Kinkade

#DemDebate @HillaryClinton said "We lose 90 people a day from gun violence – time we stood up to the NRA" to a loud applause #gunsense

Carol Costello

Bill Clinton watches debate by his lonesome. #DemDebate


.@HillaryClinton says @BernieSanders is not tough enough on guns


How many Americans can name these 2 #DemDebate candidates?
Will that change after tonight?

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Hillary Clinton’s Iraq war vote returns in human form:

Christopher C. Cuomo

How much does Iraq war vote matter in this election? #DemDebate

Stephanie Cutter

Wait, did Assad invade Syria? #demdebate


Clinton on #Benghazi: There is always the potential for danger and risk when sending diplomats overseas #DemDebate

New Day

.@BernieSanders to Clinton: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” #DemDebate


Wall Street has made @HillaryClinton a millionaire #DemDebate

CBS Evening News

"Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street; Wall Street regulates Congress." -@BernieSanders on need to crack down on fraud. #DemDebate

CNN Politics

Sanders to Clinton: Wall Street regulates Congress — not the other way around #DemDebate

World News Tonight

Bernie Sanders: "We need to take people out of the shadows." - @ABCPolitics


There is "such a difference" between what's on this stage and what we've heard from Republicans #DemDebate


.@HillaryClinton: Republicans have "demonized hard-working immigrants" #DemDebate

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Clinton says Edward Snowden broke the law and "stole very important information" #DemDebate


.@HillaryClinton "Being the first woman President would be quite a change" #DemDebate

Hillary Clinton

We cannot afford to have a Republican succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States. #DemDebate

Hillary Clinton

Hillary on the enemies she's proud to have made: "The NRA, health insurance companies, drug companies, the Iranians...and the Republicans."


.@AndersonCooper asks: Which enemy are you most proud of? @HillaryClinton has a list

Hillary Clinton

"In this debate, we tried to deal with the very tough issues facing our country—in stark contrast to the Republicans." -Hillary #DemDebate

John Berman

Wow! @HillaryClinton with a Biden-esque "Get Up" comment. BET YOU ANYTHING IT WAS ON PURPOSE!!!

Hillary Clinton

“Finally, fathers will be able to say to their daughters: you too can grow up to be president.” #DemDebate

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Final count of candidate speaking time in the Democratic debate

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Full Transcript of #DemDebate -->

Ryan Lizza

Hillary Clinton won because all of her opponents are terrible

Hillary Clinton

Hillary has fought for women her whole life—and she's just getting started. #ImWithHer #DemDebate

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米 民主党討論会 クリントン氏反転攻勢も NHKニュース


米民主党討論会、クリントン氏が高評価 バイデン氏の決断に影響も | Reuters

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