Former Australian PM: Pacific region too militarized, a casual incident can cause a war RT — SophieCo

Trouble might be growing in the eastern hemisphere of the planet. Washington’s rivalry with China grows along with Beijing’s influence and power in the Pacific region. Obama’s latest visit to Vietnam comes as just another step in his “pivot to Asia” campaign. As the US tries to isolate China through the Trans-Pacific Partnership and by pouring more military hardware in the area, other countries in the region find themselves stuck in between the two giants, in a situation where a conflict can emerge at any moment. Among them is Australia, an ally of the US and at the same time one of the largest economic partners of China. Can it strike a balance between the two – or it will sucked into the conflict along with the rest of Asia? We ask a former Prime Minister of Australia – the Honorable Kevin Rudd is on Sophie&Co today.