"Assad must go" slogan has undermined efforts in Syria from the very start - Intl Crisis Group CEO RT — SophieCo

The world is going through turbulent times. War is in full swing in the Middle East, and while Russia and America are desperately trying to put an end to the bloodshed in Syria, the unrest is spreading across the region and beyond. Economic troubles and waves of refugees are putting the decades-long stability of Western states at risk. Terrorism is a threat which can knock on anyone’s door in today’s world – and there is little authorities can do to stop it. As the battle against extremism takes center stage – can international players find a way to cooperate in the face of a common threat? Or will solutions become hostage to an endless power struggle between the world’s top players? We ask the CEO of International Crisis Group and former UN Under-Secretary-General – Jean-Marie Guéhenno is on SophieCo today.