Putin Should Send Troops Into Ukraine -- Finian Cunningham -

If Russia intervenes now, there will be howls of Western assertions that Moscow’s “sneaky plot” is finally being executed. Already Washington is lining up more sanctions against Russia for alleged violation of Ukrainian sovereignty – again based on groundless assertions. And with NATO military forces assigned to Russia’s neighboring countries, a Russian invasion of Ukraine might risk a broader war. But regardless of Western propaganda accusing Russia of malfeasance and in the face of Western threats of punitive response, Moscow should act with boldness based on the facts.

Reports have emerged that the CIA is now officially collaborating with the regime in Kiev, although the US State Department uses Orwellian language to describe the liaison as “security consultation”.
Kerry’s disingenuous deploring of violence in Ukraine barely conceals the fact that Washington has given the green light to the lethal crackdown by the Kiev junta against its own citizens. President Barack Obama said while the crackdown was underway on Friday that “Ukraine has the right to restore order”. By “Ukraine” Obama is referring to the unelected criminal regime that Washington railroaded into office in complete violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and on the back of murderous street violence, including the covert sniper massacre on February 20 that killed up to 100 people.

The Kiev junta is warning that the current “anti-terror operation” is to continue apace. We can expect more deaths in the coming days among ethnic Russian populations in the east and south of Ukraine – carried out with the full approval of Washington and with the assistance of its covert forces. Russian President Putin has already received authorization from his parliament in March to send in troops to protect the millions of ethnic Russians in Ukraine. He has moral and legal right on his side. The only “impediment” is Western propaganda claims – claims that have been discredited – and threats of sanctions and military response from NATO.

If Putin takes action, he can be sure that world public opinion is on his side. Washington will find that it is a loser, and deserves it. It has nothing on its side but malign and negative forces.