Twitter / McFaul: On Wednesday in Poland, President

On Wednesday in Poland, President Obama will meet President-elect Petro Poroshenko. Excellent!

Twitter / pivopotam: @McFaul poroshenko already

@McFaul poroshenko already killed hundreds civilians, his army bombs children in city of Donetsk and Slavyansk. Will Obama ask him about it?

Twitter / McFaul: I have no doubt Obama will

I have no doubt Obama will be seeking ways to promote peace. No one gains from further bloodshed.

Twitter / pivopotam: @McFaul please ask him to stop

@McFaul please ask him to stop shielding cities filled with kids and women

Twitter / b_alexei: @McFaul Yesterday watch movie

@McFaul Yesterday watch movie "Fair game"-nothing changed from Iraq situation!US government still laing & beginning wars around the world!

Twitter / McFaul: .@b_alexei Obama ended that

Obama ended that war. Was against it from the very beginning.

Twitter / b_alexei: @McFaul In this movie shows

@McFaul In this movie shows mechanism how USgov. do they lai & what happened with people who try to say true!

Twitter / maxevich: @McFaul @b_alexei ended one

@McFaul @b_alexei ended one war, started two others

Twitter / McFaul: The Opinion-Makers: How Russia

The Opinion-Makers: How Russia Is Winning the Propaganda War via @SPIEGELONLINE

Twitter / Yasni_swet: @McFaul @SPIEGELONLINE #Russia

@McFaul @SPIEGELONLINE #Russia wins propaganda war because tells the truth