Twitter / McFaul: Russian MFA Zakharova on troop

Russian MFA Zakharova on troop movements: "On our territory, we can do what we want." So same should byetrue for Ukr military in Ukraine.

Twitter / Elle_Rinatovna: @McFaul even genocide? Russian

@McFaul even genocide? Russian troops don't kill civilians as opposed to Ukrainian!

Twitter / McFaul: @Elle_Rinatovna all militaries

all militaries have a moral responsibility to avoid civilian casualties.

Twitter / mfa_russia: @McFaul U mean Kiev can kill

@McFaul U mean Kiev can kill Ukrainian people? Till US finished their "mission" world heard nothing about terrorists, Kiev is fighting with

Twitter / McFaul: .@mfa_russia I said nothing

I said nothing about killing people. Ukraine should have the right to exercise sovereignty in its country, just like Russia.

Twitter / Gaileis: @McFaul @mfa_russia What

@McFaul @mfa_russia What sovereignty?? Ukraine is now governed by US since US backed coup in February and Nuland's cake party. US made mess!

Twitter / McFaul: .@mfa_russia you violate

you violate sovereignty of Ukraine by sending weapons and military advisors into Ukraine. Would you tolerate that in Russia?

Twitter / McFaul: .@mfa_russia there was peace

there was peace and stability in eastern Ukraine before Russian interference.

Twitter / A_J_S_B: @McFaul @AndrijUKR @mfa_russia

@McFaul @AndrijUKR @mfa_russia
Wrong...there was peace and stability in Ukraine before Nuland's cookies.

Twitter / Nicolaj_Gericke: @xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia

@xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia Soros and his guys funded an anti-Russian uprising for years in Ukraine.

Twitter / Nicolaj_Gericke: @xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia

@xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia Euromaidan PR campaign is usually itself not in Ukraine, but works from outside

Twitter / Nicolaj_Gericke: @xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia

@xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia Then where is the evidence that Russia funds and supplies the Rebels? There is absolutely none reliable source

Twitter / Nicolaj_Gericke: @xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia

@xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia and if Faul wants to get into that, as American, there are hundreds of example of US involvement tto create

Twitter / Nicolaj_Gericke: @xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia

@xnutsive @McFaul @mfa_russia The approximate cost of Euromaidan to take care of protesters is 3,003,340 Euro a day for 500k ppl

Twitter / Elle_Rinatovna: @McFaul @mfa_russia And what

@McFaul @mfa_russia And what about US military advisers? Moreover, we have heard that over the territory of Donbass was seen AWACS (NATO)

Twitter / 27KHV: @McFaul @mfa_russia if Russia

@McFaul @mfa_russia if Russia is the bad guy here... Why the refugees almost exclusively going to Russia? Not to the EU? Trains still run. Kiev did use ballistic missiles) 無誘導ロケット弾「グラート」が、ウクライナ政府軍によって使用された可能性。) always said)