Twitter / cspan: VIDEO: President Obama Statement

VIDEO: President Obama Statement in Texas on Illegal Border Crossings

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: Waiting for Pres. Obama to

Waiting for Pres. Obama to deliver statement on what he calls an "urgent humanitarian situation" on border. @ErinBurnett has more 7pE. @CNN

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: Awaiting Pres. Obama statement

Awaiting Pres. Obama statement on the border crisis. @ErinBurnett #OutFront starts right now. @CNN

Twitter / BarackObama: Happening now: President Obama

Happening now: President Obama delivers a statement on the humanitarian situation at the southwest border.

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: #BREAKING: Pres. Obama making

#BREAKING: Pres. Obama making a statement on border crisis after meeting w/ Texas @GovernorPerry @CNN #OutFront

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: Obama on not visiting the border

Obama on not visiting the border: "This isn't theater. This is a problem. I am not interested in photo-ops." @CNN

Twitter / hsjr33: @OutFrontCNN @CNN but he wanted

@OutFrontCNN @CNN but he wanted a photo op in New Jersey!!!!!!

Twitter / OutFrontCNN: "This is not a border security

"This is not a border security problem. It's a humanitarian crisis." - @PaulBegala says it would've been good for Obama to visit border.