White House fails to understand consequences of its own deeds - ex-governor RT

As the largest economy and the most powerful nation in the world, the US is thus involved in every major event unfolding around the globe, be that the migrant crisis in Europe or the war in Syria. American politicians like to claim that America is just fighting for the greater good - and yet nations have collapsed after Washington decided to help. It claims Europe as a closest ally - but is it helping enough? Could the US do more to fix the world - or would it be better pulling out of foreign affairs? We ask a former governor of New Mexico, who might be seeking the 2016 presidential nomination for the Libertarian party. Gary Johnson is a guest on Sophie&Co today.

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US Congressman: Washington aims to impose disastrous trade policies everywhere in the world RT — SophieCo

A historic deal between the US and 11 Pacific Rim nations has just been brokered; American elites are praising it as the most beneficial deal for businesses – and yet, many predict that thousands in the US will lose their jobs because of it. The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is veiled in mystery, as the powers that be are doing their best to keep some of its provisions secret from the general public – and nobody knows why. Who really benefits from the TPP? Why was the president so eager about it – and does he even have a say in these matters, or is it the corporations that call the shots? We ask an American Congressman and senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Brad Sherman is on Sophie&Co.

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