Today’s US ‘terrorist’ can be US ally tomorrow – former Pakistani intel chief RT — SophieCo

The Taliban is refusing to continue peace talks with Afghanistan following the death of its former leader, Mullah Mansur, who was killed by a US drone strike on the border with Pakistan. US military leadership has conceded that further negotiations are unlikely following the strike. The drone operation was not the first to take place inside the Pakistan border – something that its people have been protesting for a long period, counting a number of innocent among the casualties. Was Pentagon's decision the right one - or it will just breed more trouble? What goal does Pakistan pursue with their intricate relations with the Taliban? And, even more importantly, why does Washington prefer to ignore the alleged connections between Islamabad and a group that the US considers terrorists. We ask the former chief of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, the ISI - Lieutenant-General, Asad Durrani is on Sophie&Co today.