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Gross Expects to Start Janus Fund With $100 Million - Bloomberg
Gross says he will beat competitors in new role at Janus - InvestmentNews | Reuters

Gross said he expected to manage about $100 million in assets in the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, and to have an "investing thrust as opposed to an executive thrust," InvestmentNews reported.

"Having a lot of people doesn't necessarily produce an efficient decision-making process," he said. "Sometimes it jams up the works." Gross said his wife, Sue, did not want him "hanging around the house all day" and persuaded him not to retire.

Gross said he will have five or six people on his team at Janus, including a trader, credit analyst and portfolio manager, and would be able to invest more in sovereign debt, emerging markets, higher-yielding credit and currencies and take on a "small amount" of stock risk.

Gross said he planned to ramp up his weekend reading in order to stay sharp: "I have to double and triple the amount of reading I do on weekends to make sure that a 70-year-old mind doesn't turn into a semi-senile 80-year-old mind."