The White House

We've come a long way since the financial crisis.
Take a look back at the progress we've made:

President Obama

7 years ago today, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, setting off the worst financial crisis in decades. Here's how far we've come:

When I took office, 800,000 Americans lost their jobs each month. Our businesses have now added 13.1 million jobs over 66 straight months.

We've cut the unemployment rate in half – from a high of 10% down to 5.1%. And we're not done.

In 2009, our auto industry was flatlining. Now our workers are on pace to sell more American cars and trucks than any year since 2001.

When I took office, 15.4% of our population was uninsured. Today, we’ve cut that by more than a third.

When I took office, the budget deficit had reached 9.2% of our GDP. We've cut that down to 2.8%.