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 声明によると、プーチン大統領はポロシェンコ大統領の停戦決定を支持した。 ポロシェンコ大統領は20日、政府軍に対し、1週間の一方的な停戦を命じた。大統領は停戦を和平計画の第1段階と位置付け、和平計画には親ロシア派の戦闘員への恩赦も盛り込んだ。


Putin welcomes Kiev’s ceasefire, calls for urgent dialogue with east ― RT News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has welcomed the ceasefire announced by Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. However, for the plan to become “realistic,” Putin said both sides of the Ukrainian conflict must stop the fighting and sit down for talks.

Putin “supports” Poroshenko’s decision for a “cease fire in the south-eastern Ukraine, and his pronounced intention to take some concrete steps for achieving peaceful settlement,” a statement published on the Kremlin website said on Saturday.

With that, the Russian President notes the 15-point peace plan suggested by Poroshenko on Friday “will not be viable and realistic… without practical actions aimed at the start of the negotiations process.”

Putin called on both Kiev and anti-government forces to “halt any battle actions and sit down at the negotiating table.”

He also noted that the Friday incident, when a Russian checkpoint came under fire from the Ukrainian side after the ceasefire was announced was “unacceptable.”

Earlier on Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow is concerned that the announcement of the peace plan for eastern Ukraine has coincided with Kiev ramping up its military activities in the region.

The fact that Poroshenko’s plan does not include negotiations is a “radical deviation” from the Geneva agreements on Ukraine, Lavrov added.

“Everyone will be watching the Western sponsors of the Kiev authorities, who took responsibility for the coup and for the preparation of the presidential elections that followed. Now this responsibility should probably be realized in some concrete steps, which will bring the situation back to the framework of the Geneva April 17 manifest and will allow for equitable dialog on constitutional reform and on resolving the crisis in general to be started with the participation of all the regions of Ukraine,” Lavrov said.

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Poroshenko's Ukraine peace plan gets limited support from Putin | Reuters

While welcoming Poroshenko's truce, the Kremlin said Putin believed his peace plan should not be an "ultimatum" to the rebels and warned the ceasefire would not be "viable and realistic" unless there were practical moves to start talks between the opposing sides.

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