ロシア大統領、景気に慎重な見方示す 財務相は「最悪期脱した」 | Reuters









Greater freedom for businesses - best response to sanctions, Putin says ― RT Business

Making it easier to do business in Russia and inspire entrepreneurship is the best response to the external challenges including Western sanctions, says President Putin.

It is only through a partnership between the state and business that Russia can overcome the unfavorable economic situation and achieve stable growth, the Russian President said at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) conference on Thursday. It is impossible to achieve that without trust, common understanding of the nation’s strategic goals and consideration of each other’s interests, Putin added.

It is necessary to demonstrate economic growth in the country, which can be provided by greater freedom of action for the entrepreneurs. That is the best way to make the Western sanctions completely useless, the President suggests.