‘Displaced by militarized thinking’: Forum focuses on easing tensions between Russia & US ― RT USA

Part of the annual World Russia Forum has taken place in Washington, DC, and despite tensions running high between the US and Russia, many speakers were voicing their calls for change.

Dana Rohrabacher, a member of US House of Representatives from California, said that the current situation does no good for either Washington or Moscow.

“The trend line of our relations is working against the benefit of the US and against the benefit of the people of Russia. And we’ve got to turn this around for both of our countries, and both of our peoples will be so much safer if we were working together rather than looking at ourselves as enemies,” he said.

Prominent Russian studies scholar at Princeton and New York Universities, Professor Steven F. Cohen, spoke on the dangers the two countries are facing, should they remain at odds.

“Diplomacy between Washington and Moscow has been displaced by another Cold War phenomenon: militarized thinking about politics, [which] leads to the end of politics and the beginning of war. That’s what we’ve witnessing now,” he said.