ロシア経済、2年以内に成長路線回帰も=プーチン大統領 | Reuters



'Worst is over' - Putin on Russian economy ― RT Business

“We’ve survived the peak of the problems. Russian banks and corporations have paid off their foreign currency debt,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual national Q & A session on Thursday.

"I think that it may be faster. It will take about two years, I believe,"Putin stressed. Russian Finance Minister Anton expects the economy to return to growth in 2016. Economy Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev expects an average 2.5 percent annual growth between 2016 and 2018.

“I think we’ve taken the right measures,” Putin said, referring to the steps taken by the government and the Russian Central Bank to stabilize the economy in December to counter the huge currency devaluation, sanctions, and lower oil prices.