Use the Russian Intervention in Syria to Win a Ceasefire | Foreign Affairs

The Russian intervention in Syria has left U.S. policymakers in a quandary. The official line is that Russia’s move doesn’t fundamentally change anything and that, in any case, the Russians will soon find themselves in a quagmire. The United States, to paraphrase former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s famous quip about battling both the Nazis and the British, is prepared to fight ISIS as though the Russians (and the Bashar al-Assad regime) were not there and to counter the Russians as though ISIS weren’t there.

This isn’t as absurd as it might sound; as a practical matter, the Russians have created only two new facts on the ground. First, it is no longer feasible for the United States to establish a safe haven or no-fly zone. But Washington had little intention of doing either, so the tangible significance of this development is meager. Second, the Russians are hitting U.S.-backed rebel groups that had been exerting pressure on the Assad regime near Damascus. This is a genuine problem, and it is the main obstacle to collaborating with Moscow, which was thought to interest U.S. President Barack Obama, at least at the outset of Russia’s intervention.

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French ex-prime minister: Without Assad, neither EU nor US will be able to end Syrian crisis RT — SophieCo

Conflicting views over the Syrian crisis are stalling the fight against global terror. Under the pressure of the economic and refugee crises, European unity is too strained. Can the escalation of fighting be stopped - and what are the instruments that are needed to finally solve the problems that EU is facing for months, if not for years? To find out, we speak to a former prime minister of France. Dominique de Villepin is on Sophie&Co today.

Bring Back Jimmy Carter!

As former President Jimmy Carter recently said, America is no longer a democracy. America is an oligarchy.

Like so many things Carter was right about, but never given credit for by the corrupt American Establishment, Carter is again correct.

I say bring back Jimmy Carter. The man is moral and intelligent. He is a million times better than any presidential candidate in the running. At 90 years of age in a losing war with cancer, Jimmy Carter is our best bet.

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